Sarasota Safety & Firearm Training

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About Our Company

John M. Long, Jr. is the Chief Instructor, Owner and Founder of Sarasota Safety & Firearm Training. He has been a Concealed Carry Firearm license holder since 1980. John is a NRA Certified Instructor in the following disciplines: Basic Pistol including the new Phase II, Home Firearm Safety, Personal Protection in the Home, Refuse To Be A Victim, and Range Safety Officer Certification. Our company provides educational firearm safety and personal protection classes in and around Sarasota, Florida.

Our Owner and Founder

John obtained his first concealed carry license in Georgia after migrating from New York City. After moving to Florida from Georgia he realized his license had expired. From here, he took a class in order to obtain his Concealed Carry license which he carries up to this day. John is also an USCCA Affiliate Instructor with a Sarasota county business license.

John’s Observation

What John found very disturbing is the fact that anyone could attend a class at some hotel or convention center.  For a fee of $40-$90 someone would conduct a class, and would then rattle off information while 75-100 people sat in a room for the next three hours.

To make matters worse, those in attendance were only required to pull the trigger one (1) time to establish competency in handling, discharging, and the safe operation of a firearm. They would then receive a certificate stating that he or she has met the requirements needed to apply for a license.

The Driving Force

This process is what motivated John to become NRA Certified Instructor. John can now educate and train individuals on the safe and proper storage, discharging, as well as maintenance of firearms both inside and outside the house.

This knowledge is most important if you have any intentions of owning or carrying a firearm.